08 March 2014

Got Book?

James left early for his club meeting so he could give a disabled member a ride. I went back to the book sale; I was right about it being slim pickings: previously they had put out more books on Saturday and again on Sunday. I wonder if people are now taking their books to 2nd and Charles to trade for credit rather than donating them. Anyway:

book icon To Conquer the Air: The Wright Brothers and the Great Race for Flight, James Tobin (mostly for James)
book icon Cape Cod and the Offshore Islands, Walter Teller
book icon Christmas in Williamsburg, Joanne B. Young  and Taylor Biggs Lewis Jr
book icon Wandering Through Winter, Edwin Way Teale (this is part of a series of four seasonal travelogues through the United States, done before the interstates were built; looks fascinating)

and a brand new book that I bought as a gift.

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