31 December 2020

Books Completed Since December 1

So it's December, and I always read Christmas books in December. All the rest of the reviews are in Holiday Harbour for end of November through December 2020 and until January 6, 2021. But I make an exception for "Rivers of London" graphic novels. I've been waiting for this for ages as the publication was delayed, then it got lost in the mail!

book icon  The Fey and the Furious: a Rivers of London Graphic Novel, Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel
Let's see. Obligatory Hitch-hiker's Guide joke? Check. Obligatory Doctor Who reference? Check. And a riff on Samuel Taylor Coleridge to boot? Yep, seems like everything's set for a new Peter Grant adventure: when a British sports car shows up under water at a storm dam in the Netherlands, but there's no record of the drowned owner inside ever leaving the British Isles, and a bag in the car reveals some contraband that's not narwhal tusks, Peter's on the job, involved in clandestine street racing underwritten by the fey, assisted by Beverley, and Sahra Guleed, and her new boyfriend Michael Cheung. The racers are in it for the thrills, but there's smuggling going on that hides a horrifying secret.

While this is its own story, it is partially a sequel to the series novel Foxglove Summer as well. (If you've forgotten the plot, it's summed up at the beginning of chapter four). No talking foxes this time, but new animals involved in the plot (pay attention to the ones who co-star in the opening pages with Peter and Beverley; they will show up later). Nicky and Nightingale make guest appearances only. Includes several funny one-panel "Tales from the Folly," including one about Toby, and info pages about street racing, stunts, the fey, and smuggling.

Incidentally, I love the image on the back cover (reproduced inside full page as well), but it never actually happens in the story. Would love to know the tale behind that!