07 March 2014

Book Sale Tally

The semi-annual Cobb County Library book sale was today. I keep saying I'm not going to buy much. LOL. Actually, the pickings weren't all that good, but I did get a couple of goodies. Oh, and I did end up getting more of the World Book Christmas books, even if I'm not all that interested in Christmas in warm places.

book iconLouisa Alcott: Girl of Old Boston, Jean Brown Wagoner
book iconRocket Ship Galileo, Robert Heinlein (this for James, a hardback copy—don't think I've ever read this one)
book iconChristmas in...Scandinavia, ...Mexico, ...the Philippines
book iconChristmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters, Patricia C. and Frederick L. McKissack
book iconSears, Roebuck and Co, 100th Anniversary 1886-1986 (with photographs)
book iconThe Cuckoo's Calling, Robert Galbraith (::wink::)
book iconThe Art of Raising a Puppy, The Monks of New Skete
book iconHattie Big Sky, Kirby Larson (set during the first World War)
book iconSo Dear to My Heart, Jane Goyer (I read this as a library book ten years ago)
book iconPlace Names of the English-Speaking World, C.M. Matthews
book iconOne Dozen and One, Gladys Taber (short stories)
book iconSylvia's Farm, Sylvia Jorrin (I may have this already, but it was only a dollar)
book iconSanta and Pete, Christopher Moore and Pamela Johnson
book iconThe Dirty Life, Kristin Kimball (this was on my Amazon Wish List, so I'm chuffed)
book iconOver the Beach: The Air War in Vietnam, Zalin Grant (for James)

and a Gladys Taber book I already have, but I'm trying to get a blog friend to read Taber, so I'm going to send it to her. 

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