08 October 2021

At Last, The Book Sale

It's been two whole years, but finally there I was, back in line at the Cobb County Civic Center. (Unfortunately, in the sun.) It seemed like forever, but finally all of us (for there was a long, long line) were inside, doing what we do best, looking for "The Book" (what "The Book" is depends on the reader; it could be Western history or Jodi Picault or sewing books), that one that will just make your day. These were my finds:

book icon  Ella of All of a Kind Family, Sidney Taylor (the last in Taylor's series about a Jewish family circa World War I in NYC)

book icon  Weetamoo, Heart of the Pocassets and Victoria, May Blossom of Brittania, two of the "Dear America" "Royal Diaries" series

book icon  The Journal of Jedediah Barstow: An Emigrant on the Oregon Trail and The Journal of Brian Doyle: A Greenhorn on an Alaskan Whaling Ship, two of the male journal versions of the "Dear America" books

book icon  The Road to Somewhere, James Dodson (a man and his son tour Europe)

book icon  The Thing With Feathers, Noah Strycker (from my Amazon wishlist, about birds)

book icon  There and Back Again, Sean Astin's book

book icon  An Irish Hostage, the latest in Charles Todd's Bess Crawford mysteries

book icon  Atlas Obscura (Yay! Finally got one!)

book icon  Drawn from New England, Bethany Tudor (Tasha Tudor's picture-and-word portrait of her mom)

and two Christmas books:

book icon  Moravian Christmas in the South and Season's Greetings from the White House, the latter a history of the annual White House Christmas card

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Can I buy some?
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