14 October 2016

Notes from This Year's Fall Book Sale

$20 and a bunch of goodies.

book icon  A Treasury of American Heritage (articles from the magazine)

book icon  In Search of Centennial: A Journal With James A. Michener (about the making of the television miniseries)

book icon  America's Historylands: Landmarks of Liberty (collection of "National Geographic" articles)

book icon  Christmas Ornament Legends (a little book about the significance of figural Christmas ornaments—the pickle, grapes, rabbits, etc.)

book icon  The Stories of English, a nice big fat linguistics book by David Crystal)

book icon  The Story of Santa Klaus (a facsimile of a 1909 book)

book icon  Houseboat Girl (a Lois Lenski book I don't have! Dreadful cover, but the inside is intact)

book icon  The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery at Missile Town and ...at Mystery Mountain

And because I always come home with one goofy sort of book,

book icon  Night and Day (a collection of articles from a British magazine printed in 1937, rather "New Yorker" like—the column fonts even look familiar—and supposedly it went out of business after being sued by Shirley Temple ??? !!!)

Also bought two books for James I hope he doesn't have and two books to tuck in with Juanita's retirement gift. I also bought one I already had, but I can try to find it a good home, and if not, it only cost me a dollar and I will put it in the box to take to McKay's later this year.

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