12 October 2013

Book Sale Redux

Well, of course I went back. Much fewer people this morning, even though I got there just before 9:30. I scored a good one, too, just as I was about to say farewell to the biography area: they had a copy of Frank Gilbreth Jr's Time Out for Happiness, a third book about the Gilbreths of Cheaper by the Dozen/Belles on Their Toes. This one is mostly about the parents, and Lillie after the death of Frank. I've only read it as a library book.

Let's see, proving once again I never met a history book I didn't like:

book icon  The Americans: A Social History of the United States, 1587-1914 (otherwise "History with the politics left out," which is as I like it)

book icon  Oh, Say Can You See: Unexpected Anecdotes About American History

book icon  The Lion's Pride: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War

book icon  The Great Wagon Road about the Great Wagon Road and the Wilderness Road of colonial through post-Revolutionary America


book icon  Yours, Isaac Asimov: A Lifetime of Letters

book icon  Christmas Worldwide: A Guide to Customs and Traditions

Three "Dear America" books: lighthouse keeper's daughter during the Civil War, Polish immigrant in late 19th century, and a blind girl at the Perkins Institute in the 1930s

Three books for James (two WWII-related and one weather)

Hardback copies of Big Red and Savage Sam.

and a brand new book for someone who once admitted they hadn't read this particular classic (nicely illustrated, too).

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