25 August 2012

A New Work by Laura Ingalls Wilder to Be Published

This is super news!

Anyone who has read more than one biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder knows that the genesis of the "Little House" book came from Laura's handwritten memoir, Pioneer Girl. Intended more for mixed-aged audiences rather than children, Pioneer Girl tells the real story of Laura's life, the one that wasn't toned down and simplified for children. The death of her baby brother, the discovery of a home in which a murder happened while on their journeys, the Ingalls' sad stay in Iowa, the story of how a woman offered to adopt Laura...all these untold stories are in the manuscript.

For years, if you wanted to read Pioneer Girl, you had to pay for its photocopying. Now the book will be available to all. More here: Publication of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Pioneer Girl.

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