31 December 2011

This Year's Dozen Favorite Books

(And four runners-up, since these things are always hard.)

In no particular order:

book icon  A City So Grand, Stephen Puleo (Nonfiction; a history of Boston from 1850-1900)

book icon  The Technologists, Matthew Pearl (Fiction; mystery thriller set in post-Civil War Boston)

book icon  Service and Style, Jan Whitaker (Nonfiction; a history of United States department stores)

book icon  Into That Silent Sea, Francis French and Colin Burgess (Nonfiction, history of the early U.S. and Russian space programs)

book icon  The Wilder Life, Wendy McClure (Nonfiction; a woman's search for self through the "Little House" books)

book icon  Our Glorious Century, Reader’s Digest Books (Nonfiction; coffee-table, lavishly illustrated book about the 20th century)

book icon  The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin (Nonfiction; one woman's search for the definition and origin of happiness)

book icon  The Shanghai Moon, S. J. Rozan (Fiction; mystery about a missing valuable necklace which disappeared during World War II)

book icon  The Vertigo Years, Philipp Blom (Nonfiction; Europe between 1900-1914)

book icon  The Ninth Daughter, Barbara Hamilton (Fiction; historical mystery involving Abigail Adams)

book icon  The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Edmund Morris (Nonfiction; first in Morris' three-book biography)

book icon  Walking English, David Crystal (Nonfiction; Crystal's odyssey across Great Britain in search of the English language)

Honorable mentions:

book icon  A Renegade History of the United States, Thaddeus Russell (Nonfiction; history from a different perspective)

book icon  Robert A. Heinlein, volume 1, William H. Patterson Jr (Nonfiction; first part of Heinlein bio)

book icon  Inside the Apple: A Streetwise History of New York City, Michelle Nevius and James Nevius (Nonfiction; a street-by-street travelogue/history of NYC)

book icon  A Bitter Truth, Charles Todd (Fiction; #3 in the Bess Crawford series set during WWI)

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