23 July 2009

Oooh, Kewl!

As I've mentioned before, I was recruited for Amazon "Vine," where you get to preview books and other products.

On the third Thursday of every month you get a newsletter with offerings tailored to what you have ordered on Amazon and what you have reviewed. Sometimes I really hate it, because you don't get all the books up front. You can pick up to two books.

A week later you get another newsletter with all the books that were offered, what is left of them, anyway, and you can pick two more.

Last week I got a really cool mystery set in England during World War I. I almost ordered a novel about 1915 Niagara Falls, but decided against it.

Today the combined newsletter came and I was going to order a rather fascinating looking book about Warren Harding's affair with a woman who was later a German spy during World War I and a book about Louis Howe, FDR's advisor, when on second glance I noticed the upcoming Lady Emily book, Tears of Pearl, was one of the books! I had just finished A Fatal Waltz, the last book. So I got that instead of the Howe book, although I usually snap up Roosevelt books. The Harding book sounded more intriguing.

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