30 March 2009

College Life Never Changes

Elizabeth Wales doesn't think college is the best solution in life. She's an average student and not particularly fond of studies. But her older sister loved college and thinks it would be perfect for her. So off goes the reluctant student, to be confronted with the realities of campus life, cliques, supercilious upperclassmen, and even duplicitous classmates, and learns more than she wants to about coverups, plagarism, and false friends. But along the way she also develops close companions, a talent for leadership, and even discovers she likes certain sports.

If her college years don't sound much different from yours, consider that Betty Wales "went to college" over 100 years ago, via the pen of Margaret Warde. You can read all Betty's adventures on www.archive.org.

Oh, the "flip book" format is neat; using your mouse, you can turn the page like a real book. I've included the PDF link in case the flip doesn't work on a certain browser.

To view college life in 1907 and life through 1917:

Betty Wales, Freshman: "flip book" or PDF file

Betty Wales, Sophomore: "flip book" or PDF file

Betty Wales, Junior: "flip book" or PDF file

Betty Wales, Senior: "flip book" or PDF file

Betty Wales, B.A.: "flip book" or PDF file

Betty Wales & Co.: "flip book" or PDF file

Betty Wales on the Campus: "flip book" or PDF file

Betty Wales Decides: "flip book" or PDF file

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