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14 October 2011

Fall Library Book Sale Tally

•  New England: Land of Scenic Splendor, National Geographic Books

•  This Fabulous Century: 1870-1900, Time-Life Books (I bought this, thinking I might already have it, and I do...but the copy I have is almost 100 pages fewer...not sure if there are parts cut out, print made smaller, or what...)

•  A book for James: S.M. Stirling's Ice, Iron and Gold (short stories from different times)

•  June Allyson, by June Allyson (Heavens, I had to...how many times have I sat through Strategic Air Command with James? Anyway, I like June Allyson!)

•  Tales of the New England Coast (This is a compilation of stories from old magazines from the turn of the 20th century; I used to look at it at Oxford Too, that's how long it's been around!)

•  The Literary Guide and Companion to Northern England, Robert M. Cooper (apparently there's one for Southern and one for Middle England as well; anecdotes about literary locations and writers)

•  American Country Christmas, Mary Emmerling and Chris Mead (A little gift book, with wonderful old-fashioned home decorations)

•  Dear America books: Journey to a New World (Pilgrims), Winter of the Red Snow (Revolutionary War), When Will This Cruel War Be Over? (Civil War)

•  Anna All Year Round, Hahn DeGroat (based on a true story, Baltimore before World War I)

•  Sword of the Wilderness, Elizabeth Coatsworth (Colonial era; Coatsworth always treated her Native American characters with more respect than many writers of her time)

•  A Christmas Companion, Maria Robbins and Jim Charleton (this is mostly recipes, but does have some customs around the world)

•  Say It With a Simile, William Safire (Which I've taken out before; I can tell the way the pages are riffled)

•  The Night Journey, Kathryn Lasky (based on a true story)

and a book I already have, but I know someone who will love it. And my best find:

•  More All of a Kind Family, Sydney Taylor

You could get the All-of-a-Kind Family books for less than a dollar years ago, in Yearling book editions. Then they went out of print, and when they did reprint them, they were $17 apiece. Now you can't find them again, except at conflated prices. (The cheapest one of them is selling on Amazon Marketplace is $17! One is going for over $100! Good heavens!)

All for $22.50!

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