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30 October 2011

Books Bought on Vacation

book icon  A Ball, A Dog, and a Monkey, Michael D'Antonio -- 1957, the space race begins

book icon  From Birdwomen to Skygirls, Fred Erisman -- about aviation as portrayed in girls' books in the early 20th century

book icon  Pledging Allegiance: American Identity and the Bond Drive of World War II, Lawrence R. Samuel

book icon  Picturesque Story of Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland -- This is the story of the store itself. I also bought Sharing Joy 365: An Autobiography of Wally Bronner

book icon  The World of the Trapp Family, William Anderson -- Lovely book with lots of photos!

book icon  An Old-Fashioned Christmas: Tinsel, Gingerbread Men & Raggedy Ann, Rochelle Pennington and Nicholas Pennington -- Nostalgic photos and text...what else could you want in a Christmas book?

Oh, and the new Christmas Ideals, which I've previously only bought at Borders. ::sob:: (We went past a closed Borders as part of our travels...sad.)

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