31 December 2021

Books Read Since December 1

Remember the rule: all books read during the Christmas season are Christmas books, and all the reviews are in Holiday Harbour. Just click on the links!

book icon  A Berkshire Christmas, compiled by David Green

book icon  Season's Greetings from the White House, Mary Evans Seeley

book icon  A Cheshire Christmas, compiled by Alan Brack

book icon  Mrs. Claus and the Santaland Slayings, Liz Ireland

book icon  Rivers of London: Monday, Monday, Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, illustrated by Jose Maria Beroy and Jordi Escuin Llorach
Yes, every once in a while I break my "only Christmas books during the holidays" rule—anything "Rivers of London" will make me do it.

"Monday, Monday" is the sweet, sometimes silly, and adventurous story of a robbery taskforce operation, headed by hardass Miriam Stephanopolous, that has one weird quirk: an operative who caught a teen boy who snatches purses suddenly can't remember anything, but mumbles something about a werewolf. Of course "Falcon" (the Met code for Peter Grant, Thomas Nightingale, and the rest of the "weird lot") is called in, something Stephanopolous hates. Each part has an individual thread (part 1 shows Stephanopolous' world, including her home life, part 2 has flashbacks about Nightingale's "Hogwarts" training and later WWII experiences, part 3 shows Peter as an adjusting dad—and a concerned son, and part 4 has a "caper" story with Abigail and Foxglove), but all four parts intertwine in a cleverly told story with a rather joyful ending. All the individual stories, even Stephanopolous's, give you more insight into the characters; Abigail's fox friends reappear, as does Foxglove, and also Peter's parents; and we also get a look at Peter and Beverley's new twin daughters. A fun romp with food for thought.

Seriously, if you are not a person who reads "comic books," you need to read these. They fill in lots of characterization gaps and are great fun and sometimes touching.

book icon  A Lancashire Christmas, compiled by John Hudson

book icon  Here Comes Santa Paws, Laurien Berenson

book icon  Christmas Crackers: Tom Smith's Magical Invention, Peter Kimpton

book icon  Ideals Christmas 2021, from the editors of "Ideals"

book icon  A Derbyshire Christmas, compiled by Robert Innes-Smith

book icon  The Blessings of Christmas, Amy Newmark

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