16 March 2019

Yet Another Book Sale--Coda

James went to his club meeting, so I went back to the book sale. (Yes, incorrigible is my middle name.) Ran into Clair and Daniel Kiernan there, in fact. Yes, I found more books.
  • The President and the Assassin, about McKinley's death
  • Curious New England, about odd things up in the northeast corner (and yes, Nibbles the Blue Bug on top of the New England Pest Control building in Providence is there)
  • Mary Russell's War, all Laurie King's Mary Russell short stories
  • Two, count 'em, two, books of commentary on James Thurber's work (Long and Mossberger)
  • 1939: the Last Season of Peace, about the (social) season in Great Britain before the war broke out
  • a book about Gus Grissom, ostensibly for James
and finally, Susan Allen Toth's My Love Affair With England—I thought I had this, but it was actually Toth's sequel, England as You Like It, which I got at a previous sale and which I almost read a week or two ago, but decided on another book. Now I'm glad I didn't start it, so I can start from the beginning. And, oh, heavens, there's a sequel to the second one...

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