31 December 2017

Books Completed Since December 1

I only read Christmas books during the Christmas season, so all my reviews are in "Holiday Harbour." However, I had to make an exception for Peter Grant!

book icon  Rivers of London: Detective Stories, Ben Aaronovitch
Linked together by Peter's oral examination for becoming a a detective, Grant relates four different cases to his examiner, who is initially a magic skeptic. Three of the stories involve Lesley May, one before and two after her encounter with "Mr. Punch." Each of the stories is interesting, spanning the gamut from the magical—a goat found burned to death who was ignited by magical means—to the mundane (attempts to find a flasher), but as a whole the story wasn't as suspenseful as the longer-form previous graphic novel compilations.

My complaint: Sahra Guleed, Thomas Nightingale, and Molly are all shown on the cover with Peter Grant. Sahra doesn't even appear in any of the stories, Molly has three panels in one story, and Nightingale is only in one of the little one-page "Tales from the Folly" tales. I was very disappointed that these characters did not have a larger role in any of the stories.

book icon  The Triple-Dog Dare and A Christmas Carol Christmas Book

book icon  Christmas Philosophy for Everyone

book icon  Christmas Decorations from Williamsburg

book icon  Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Book of Christmas Virtues

book icon  A Lot Like Christmas (partial re-read)

book icon  The Immortal Nicholas

book icon  Re-read: Sleigh Bells for Windy Foot

book icon  A Kentucky Christmas

book icon  Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Christmas Miracles 

book icon  The Children's Book of Christmas Stories

book icon  Once Upon a Christmas

book icon  Christmas in My Heart, Book 12

book icon  Re-read: Christmas After All

book icon  Tru and Nelle: A Christmas Tale

book icon  Ideals Christmas and Spirit of Steamboat

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