14 October 2012

HIR (Highly Incorrigible Reader) Postscript

On the way to do a distasteful task (buy clothing), I made one more stop at the book sale. Arrived when they opened at one to find only a dozen people there. I had only fourteen dollars, so I had to be good even if I found a lot of things.

Only six books this time:

All Around the Year: Holidays and Celebrations in American Life by Jack Santino, which I can now take off my Amazon wish list.

The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers, Volume II (no Volume I, sadly).

World Book's Christmas in the Netherlands (a bit in bad shape, but how could I abandon Sinter Klaas and Black Peter?).

The #20 Trixie Belden I missed on Friday, Mystery Off Old Telegraph Road.

Beany Malone, the second book in a long-running series.

and Susannah of the Yukon, the sequel to Susannah, A Little Girl of the Mounties (you may have seen the Shirley Temple version, Susannah of the Mounties).

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