12 January 2010

2009 Favorites

A yearly wrapup. A baker's dozen. Interesting: six fiction, seven nonfic. Of the fiction, three were mysteries, of the nonfiction, all but three were history, and of those three, two were about animals.

book iconA Voyage Long and Strange, Tony Horwitz (history: what happened between Columbus and the Pilgrims—Borders purchase)
book iconThe Cosgrove Report, G.J.A. O'Toole (1865 mystery about the fate of John Wilkes Booth—Borders purchase)
book iconTime Quake, Linda Buckley-Archer (conclusion of the "Gideon" trilogy; really, really, really worth waiting a year for!—Amazon order)
book iconA Natural History of the Senses, Diane Ackerman (lush wordplay...loved it—Borders purchase)
book iconThe Perfect Summer: England 1911, Before the Storm (manners and morals in pre-WWI England—Borders purchase)
book iconA Duty to the Dead, Charles Todd (post-WWI based mystery with nurse protagonist; first in a series—Amazon Vine offering)
book iconHarlan Ellison's Watching, Harlan Ellison (media essays and criticisms—Borders purchase)
book iconEleanor Vs. Ike, Robin Gerber (alternative history--what if Adlai Stevenson had died and Eleanor Roosevelt had run for President in 1952?—Borders purchase from bargain table)
book iconAmong the Mad, Jacqueline Winspear (post WWI mystery, latest in the Maisie Dobbs series—Amazon order)
book iconAmerican Road, Pete Davies (cross country by car and "motor truck" in 1919 to publicize the Lincoln Highway project—Amazon Marketplace order after seeing Rick Sebak's Lincoln Highway special)
book iconWesley the Owl, Stacey O'Brien (IMHO, better than the highly-publicized Dewey—Borders purchase)
book iconA Drowned Maiden's Hair, Laura Amy Schlitz (YA thriller about an orphan adopted by a manipulative woman to take part in a con game—bargan book purchase at Fry's, of all places)
book iconFlyaway, Suzie Gilbert (experiences of a bird rehabber—Borders purchase)

Honorable mention to

book iconBeatrix Potter: A Life in Nature, Linda Lear (Borders purchase)

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