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05 November 2008

Vacation Books

I always find books, no matter where. These are books I picked up at the Book Warehouse in Pigeon Forge, TN:

Shadows in the White City, Robert Walker: 1893 Chicago-set detective story (second in series; haven't read the first).

The Avion My Uncle Flew, Cyrus Walker: originally published in 1946, now in a Puffin edition, young-adult novel about an American boy overseas in postwar France.

The Adventures of Tintin, Volume 1, Hergé: Would you believe I've never read any Tintin? This is a compilation of three different stories.

Crusader Nation, David Traxel: the US between 1898 and 1920.

The other two books I bought were gifts. My order from Hamilton Books also came while we were gone. Again, two of the books were gifts, but I also bought a volume called Cross Stitch Greeting Cards (for only $3!) and A Great and Godly Adventure: The Pilgrims and the Myth of the First Thanksgiving by Godfrey Hodgson.

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