28 May 2005

Gladys Taber Redux

I have written elsewhere in this blog about my love of Gladys Taber's Stillmeadow books.

They are helping me during a bad patch right now; I've had to fly up to my mother's house suddenly after she collapsed. She is terminally ill with cancer and up until now had been able to take care of herself.

I had to take a few St. Nicholas bound volumes with me; they are thick and "meaty" and would last me a while. But I needed some spiritual comfort and could either take a few of Madeleine L'Engle's nonfiction books or something else. I chose my three paperback copies (lightest) of Gladys Taber instead. There is something very comforting about her writing about her country house, her dogs (cocker spaniels and an Irish setter), cats, garden, and friends. Her prose is like poetry. It makes me feel as if I am wrapped in love.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda - I was reading your blog and I loved Gladys Taber so much so that I have raised Cocker Spaniels for at least 7 yrs now. I have a whole caboodle of them and they are such wonderful dogs. I remember reading in Glady's books about all their antics and how she would pick out the new owners for her puppies - her books are timeless jewels and have helped me over many rough times. So I have now met another kindred spirit. Is your dog a cocker? I recently lost my German Shepherd and am now considering an Irish Setter like Holly Berry Red. Check out my blog and my white deer (they would be Glady's unicorn) at www.enchantedwoodmusings.blogspot.com

Kathy of the Enchanted Wood